Land of Mystical Peace- Gokarna

Resigning a job is not an easy task especially went you are 22 years old with barely ten months of experience. I was frustrated, tired and done with life when I left my last job. I was on constant lookout for a job, and finally, when I got one I took a small break and went to Gokarna. I needed a place which was close to the beach, preferably a private property. I was low on budget, so I reached out to multiple resorts in Gokarna and then Anaariya Beach Front happened to me! This is an exotic property located at Riya beach in Gokarna, Katnarka. Away from cliched Om, Half Moon, etc. beaches this place is perfect for travelers looking for peace from their hectic daily life.

That’s me, Alone on their private beach!
  1. Location: The property has its very own beach and has few Duplex wooden cottages in it, Beautifully crafted and well designed.
My Beautiful house for the weekend

2. Staff: Staff was very warm and welcoming, they helped us with finding the place, gave suggestions now and then, full privacy and at times assisting a hand in with the shoot. They made a terrific Vegetarian meal for us which by the way was very delicious, and love could be felt.

My Room from the inside

3. Amenities: Property is on the beach, from shampoo to beer everything is a call away, From auto to medical health kit is nearby. There is a lush garden like feeling, greenery everywhere, volleyball court and wooden work to take your breath away.

My romantic dinner location ❤

YAY: Wooden Cottage, Extremely Tidy rooms, comfortable beds, fantastic staff, beautiful bathtub and feeling of peace.

NAY: They need better pest service, frogs and mosquitos were everywhere. Also, they didn’t provide the blanket.

TIP: Carry warm clothes, it gets cold at night.

Preferably: I will suggest for couples, this is the best place!


-Sleeper Bus (from Bangalore round trip) 1800 INR
- Hotel Cost 4500 INR/ night (including breakfast
-Food (Veg)- 700 INR
- Auto- 400 INR


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Beautiful location and tasty food!

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