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Udita Pal
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When I was in college no one ever talked about Linkedin, I just knew that there is a platform out there where people talk about work and their professional expertise. So in case, you are new to Linkedin or yet to join it ‘properly’ welcome to a quick guide to building an ultimate profile on Linkedin.

Now, like every other person, you will ask why I should be on LinkedIn, From being hired in a potential company to hiring potential client, LinkedIn is an excellent way of running background checks on people and validated their professional existence.

And lastly, it is always good to be networked, and LinkedIn is an excellent way of meeting like-minded people.

Now that you know What is Linkedin and value it adds to your day to day life, here is a quick guide to building a keyword friendly profile.

Now a lot of people don’t understand how they can go wrong about keywords when it comes to writing on LinkedIn since jobs are technically universal, well it is always good to garnish the dish no matter how tasty it is.

  1. Your Headline = Eveverything; Think of your headline as the cover of the magazine- you need to set the story straight from the very start. Think of it as impressing someone in one line.
Short, Crisp, on Point & Worth having a look.

2. Your Job Profile needs to be a little more on point: Let’s say I build my profile saying I’m a ‘Digital Marketer’ it is a vague description to give- What kind of digital marketer- organic growth or paid one? I am I someone who handles content, SEO, etc. or social media, am I into working around B2B or B2C there are so many questions to answer, and just title won’t be enough.

Upgrade it to; Digital Marketing (Paid Growth)

Describe your work, show what you do round the clock

3. Be proud of your work: A lot of time people are confused whether they should flaunt their specific professional achievements or not, I believe anything that you have achieved during your professional course need to be mentioned and appreciated from small awards to big nominations.

4. Endorse and get endorses!: Endorse people, and sometimes it is okay to shamelessly ask people who have worked with you in the past to endorse you, think of it as building public credibility of your professional image.

The endorsement is a give and take road

5. Go blingy on the summary: Summary of your previous roles help in determining your future position and appraisal while jumping from one company to another, use right words, be brief and uptight about responsibilities you take care of, etc.

Describe your past experiences along with articles that talk about you.

Go Hacks:-

1. Intense Googling: If you are running out of skilling to add then google your position and skills required to be there and add it to your profile. Also, not able to find the right words to build your LinkedIn? no worries you can google someone else’s and inspire from there (encourage not copy)

2. A good picture: A good profile photos can get you anything you want, from Tinder swipe right to your dream job, with so many generatable bots and easy access to creating a fake identity online, it is essential to have your picture up there. Also, it increases the chances of getting connection requests accepted and helps in getting connection requests.

Simple photo- clear and authentic.

3. Flaunt: As I said, be proud of what you have done and flaunt it feel free to reach out to your former managers and ask them to write a testimonial on your profile- it helps you in riding up on the LinkedIn game.

4. Add, Add and Add: Add more and more connections, if you find someone who can add quality to your network and timeline- reach out to them and add them. Connect and actively talk to them. Think of LinkedIn as a High-End party running online- networking helps and it never stops.

5. Complete your profile: Never leave your profile unattended in the middle it is imperative to set the tone and facts right and leaving a single thing blank is ugly, unprofessional and also makes people skeptical about your credibility.

What kind of posts works on LinkedIn?

1. Industrial Feedback: Sharing is caring if you know something about your industry and you believe people should know that feel free to reach out to people and discuss it out, it makes one come out as sound, knowledgeable, mature and knowledge is the only the thing that increases by sharing.

2. Latest Trends: Whatever is trending needs to be discussed not only because it will be on top but it will help you in impressing people who are actively following you.

3. Predictions: People enjoy talking about what can happen. Next, it is always good to have number backing up your theories and a heart open to criticism.

4. Quick Tips: Always keep your Linkedin post short, on point, value adding and less time-consuming.

What doesn’t work on LinkedIn?

1. Political/ Religious Opinion: As much as I believe everyone has the freedom of speech and expressions, LinkedIn is not the right place to lead those battles. There is a thin line between personal and professional discussions, and LinkedIn is not the right place to discuss your views on sensitive topics which has nothing to do with work.

2. Sales Pitch Post: Nothing is more intimidating than a person selling the product three times a day on my timeline, there is a part of Linkedin called premium which has ‘Sales Navigator’ Use it, personally reach out and get a better response.

3. Too much information: Your marriage, your birthday, your vacations are something that needs to be share, LinkedIn is about professional value adding and not the personal one.

How to Stand Out:

1. Eye-catching quotes or quick videos.

2. Share an in-depth report on some industry experience.

3. Engage with people actively on the timeline and messages.



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