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Udita Pal
4 min readNov 27, 2017

There are a lot of social networking platform which helps us in showing our lavish lifestyles like Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook where with the least amount of content you can express yourself the most but then there are platforms like Quora and Reddit which makes you sit and write down in detail. What makes people come back and use it again and again as unlike Youtube, Instagram or Facebook it cannot provide you with monetary benefits (Quora and Reddit are yet to commercialize themselves to the level where there are proper influencers on board)

So Question is, Quora or Reddit?

Quora is an exceptionally sophisticated platform with everything being served to you on the plate. Hence it is easy for a newbie to get introduced to Quora world without much ado whereas Reddit requires a lot of efforts and understanding the entire process of Reddit, Subreddit, Mods, Rules, Karma point, etc.

That being said, the content of Quora has deteriorated over the years as an accessible platform makes it difficult to have substantial content on board and also allows all kind of material on board and all kind of users. Whereas Reddit is a little complex to use so Shit-posting is extremely limited (Not saying Reddit content is better or Quora content is terrible- just stating how a good platform can sometimes ruin the fundamental purpose of creating platform).

At the same time. Quora is a platform where just Question and Answer takes place whereas on Reddit AMA (Ask me anything) is only a part followed by other features provided by it. If you are looking for direct and on point answers to your questions I think Quora is a better platform, whereas if you are ready to have a little fun and quick, quirky replies, Reddit is your place.

Anonymity Vs. Recognition:-

Quora has ‘Top Writer’ tag which makes people come back and write again and again (Not saying every one comes on the platform for the tag, but little recognition is always appreciated). Quora shows how many answers you have written, how many views you got, your upvotes and Topics you are top writer of (Old feature)

Whereas on Reddit you will barely find people using their names because they want their work and their creativity to speak for themselves and they prefer staying behind their computer creating hours of informative, funny content for masses.

Influencers on Board:-

Barack Obama, Ashton Kutcher, Ethan Hawke, Alfonso Cuaron, Francis Lawrence, Ian Somerhalder, Tiki Barber, Jeremy Lin Sheryl Sandberg, Mark Cuban, Cory Booker, Nicholas Kristof Reed Hastings, Craig Newmark, Michael Buble, Wesley Schultz, Jason Bateman, Michelle Rodriguez, Stephen Fry, Iffran Khan, Justin Trudeau, Knan Gill, Biswapati Sarkar, Shreya Ghoshal, Harsha Bhogle, Sundar Pichai, etc. are available on Platform and actually write answers on Quora (not actively) but it acts as a factor and makes you come on board.

Reddit too has its fair share of celebrities, but you will mostly see them in comment section:- Arnold Schwarzenegger, Anna Kendrick, Bill Gates, Frederic Legrand, William Shatner, Jimmy Fallon, etc

Login in or Sign Out? :-

Quora requires you to Log in or Sign up to check answers where you can browse on Reddit for hours without much ado or login.

Lastly Moderators:-

Quora has stringent policies and moderation rules around respecting people and their emotions, Bad grammar, using Bold and italics and is infamous for shutting down profiles lot of people for petty reasons. Reddit lets people form their very own personal community, their rules and moderate it the way they want; people like having power in their hands and hence enjoy it more than Quora.

Both of these things have their fair share of merits, Quora wants to clean their community clean, and sometimes it leads banning and removing innocent ones Also, Too much liberalism leads to touching topics which one is not supposed to so, at times, people cross their limits on Reddit.


Which platform is better? It is hard to comment with Reddit having over 500+ Million active users monthly and Quora only 230+ Million monthly active users on board- Reddit is winning the race, but then Reddit is an extremely old platform started back in 2005 and Quora came to existence only in 2009. Both the platforms are serving their purposes correctly, and both require little more attention.

These platforms require details and creative juice flow, So, the quality content on these platforms are better than any other platform because feedback about anything or any service is authentic because as sad as it sounds, being an influencer on Quora or Reddit doesn’t help. No matter how followers you have you don’t get the brand deal and I have not seen anyone come and use the platform to make money, it is purely for recognition and to get a word out.

Maybe people don’t think Quora or Reddit is influential enough to be used to promote a brand via influencers and also, I have seen people downvote or report answers or content which is advertising some product or service rather than giving feedback.

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