It is women’s history month, a month dedicated to celebrating and talking about the achievements of women worldwide, from Oprah Winfrey, Kalpana Chawla, to Whitney Wolfe Herd, and the list goes on.

While it is essential to celebrate these women for their influence in shaping the masses’ opinions and building a more gender-neutral and equal world, I think it is imperative to admire the ones closer to our heart, our mothers, the homemakers.

While growing up, I always thought it was my father’s job to provide, and my mother was just an accessory who sits in the house. Of course…

My co-founder and I involve ourselves in a weekly chat around something outside work. One of the best and worst parts about living with your best friend and having them as a co-founder in COVID times is, we see each other a lot- on average, 14 hours a day for work, seven days a week. Every weekend we keep these separate hours to overthink things that interest us the most.

Of course, while talking, his eyes fell on my book collection, and he pointed at Good to Great by Jim Collins and asked what I think about it; unfortunately, that…


Just like god there is someone out there who is omnipresent- a star family called ‘Kardashians’, if you don’t like them- it is okay because I don’t either but here is the catch, they do not exist for you to love them, they are surviving because they are ‘the’ obsession.

Now I know it gets boring, shallow and worth barfing when you see bunch of girls being famous for being famous but if you drill down the way you look at them, you will realise they are nothing but Smart people with millions of followers, over-enthusiastic PR team and not…

When I was in college no one ever talked about Linkedin, I just knew that there is a platform out there where people talk about work and their professional expertise. So in case, you are new to Linkedin or yet to join it ‘properly’ welcome to a quick guide to building an ultimate profile on Linkedin.

Now, like every other person, you will ask why I should be on LinkedIn, From being hired in a potential company to hiring potential client, LinkedIn is an excellent way of running background checks on people and validated their professional existence.

And lastly, it…

Last Wednesday I woke up to a nightmare.

My Tinder match tried to finger me I immediately asked him to back off and said I’m not comfortable, he respected it, said sorry, turned around and slept. We didn’t exchange a word in the morning, but when I shared this incident with my fellow friends, a debate started — Bad Date or An Assualt?

Most Millenials in metro cities are active on Dating apps and are familiar with the concept of Hook-Ups, one-night stand, dating etc. But the question is, where exactly are we going wrong? …

I recently had a girls night out, After a few drinks my friend took out her phone and started showing us texts of this one guy who was scared of meeting her as he has severe social anxiety. She laughed at him, called him a ‘pussy’ and I couldn’t understand why.

Every time I talk about mental health, A lot of people say that men don’t have to go through the emotional pain we go through, they will never understand our part of the story.

There are so many occasions where people have shut men talking about their problem down…

Do you have that friend who keeps talking about their free stay in at some expensive place? Or a sponsored Trip to Thailand? Carry their super expensive Mark Cross bag here and there? Or take multiple pictures in their Calvins? One who has a Discount coupon with their name?

When it comes to being an ‘Influencer,’ it is a hot topic of discussion because everyone wants to be one, who doesn’t want to make money off by taking a few selfies and vacations? …

The toughest question you can ask a superhero nerd is to choose- Which one is better- DC or Marvel? Well, some issues are best remained unanswered to have a less triggered argument.

For sure, DC came up with mind-blowing Trilogy like, ‘The Dark Knight’ but when it comes to overall revenues, plot building, bringing new characters on board, I believe, Marvel is ruling it.

Does DC have a fantastic number of characters, where they went wrong? Or rather, where their marketing went awry?

1.Star-Studded Cast

If you have stalked her enough on Social Media, you would have expected neon colored wig, gold rush highlighter and a bright shade of red as the lipstick but when she posed for the cover of Forbes as ‘Youngest Self Made Billionaire.’

She was in a simple bun, nude makeup, and a black pantsuit — The confidence with which she posed- I could feel and probably one day she will head global domination.

Kylie Jenner on Forbes CoverKylie Jenner- Before you go ahead and call her just another Kardashian who is doing everything to gain attention, this is a little…

What if I told you that a 21-year-old content creator is worth 4 Million Dollars just by being a complete idiot on the internet? You find it amusing? Creative? or are you jealous?

But the question is what is making big brands like M&M, Audi, Beats etc leave ‘Traditional’ Brand Ambassadors behind and use Gen Z Vine / Youtube stars for promoting their product?

Indo- American Youtuber made her way from 6 Second video making app to Youtube and then to Met Gala 2018 and recently she made it to the TV screen with Nickelodeon’s ‘Double Dare’ as host.


Udita Pal

Co founder, making trillions of dollar industry more accessible globally

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